It is the beginning of the season of preparing for change. It is time to gather and reflect and think clearly. Nature and trees prepare for colder, stormy days by letting their leaves fall. We gather strength and in the same way we gather ourselves to come to rest, to slow down and to be able to think clearly. 

Inspired by the "spirit of calm", subtle and delicate shades and contrasts are reflected in our AW21 collection. Large-scale checks polarise in quiet moments, while the absolute classic - the white blouse - adapts to modern silhouettes in a sophisticated way and remains both graceful and unobtrusive, in line with the motto "less is more". 

ByMi designs blouses for every occasion in every collection. You'll find the business blouse, a comfortable chic blouse, the everyday blouse and the festive blouse.

And if you're not sure which blouse really suits you, you can always take advantage of our style guide.