Which blouse suits me?

A well-fitting blouse is a suitable companion on various occasions. In order for the appearance to be perfect and the advantages to be individually emphasized, it is not only important to know your clothing size, but also to assess your figure. Every body is different. With our guide, you can quickly and easily find out which fit suits you perfectly and how you can bring your benefits to light!

Our high-quality women's blouses offer plenty of scope for individual preferences. Therefore, our models can be combined in countless variants: Whether classic and simple for everyday business, colourful for your leisure look or timelessly elegant for a shiny evening with friends, we always have a suitable blouse for every occasion and taste. The products we manufacture vary from model to model and offer a fashionable style alternative in both leisure and business life. This blouse guide should help you choose the right blouse and make it easier for you to achieve the best result!

X Also known as an hourglass; Her figure is characterized by a particularly narrow waist, while shoulders and hips are roughly the same width.

To show off your wonderful curves, the slim fit blouse is the best fit for your silhouette. The narrow waist is emphasized and highlighted. Extensive models should not be used, as they could possibly apply here.

Here you will find the best blouses for your figure.


V This figure is characterized by a strong upper body and is often characterized by a full cleavage. The shoulders are slightly wider than the hips, while the waist is not very prominent. Legs are slim, long and a real eye-catcher.

A somewhat loose cut is very flattering here. You should either wear modern-fit blouses with skinny jeans or choose a loose-fitting dress. In this way you emphasize your beautiful legs and draw attention to your preferences. 

Here you will find the best blouses for your figure.


With this physique you have a narrower torso than lower body. The hip is very pronounced, just like the thighs. This body shape is considered very sensual due to the pelvis and can also be admired on Christina Aguilera, for example.

This type of figure can wear wonderfully patterned and eye-catching blouses. It is also advisable to combine the blouses into straight-cut bottoms. Slim fit models are particularly suitable for this. An absolute must-have for you is also an A-line dress that emphasizes your upper body.

Here you will find the best blouses for your figure.


You are the model type. Narrow shoulders, hips and little waist make up this body shape. Long legs and arms as well as a small breast usually also belong to the picture.

For this type of figure, it is ideal to create volume. Blouses with a modern fit create new dimensions and can be perfectly combined with narrow bottoms. Deeper V-necklines are wonderful for you! It is important to combine different cuts. If you wear loose trousers, you should also wear blouses with a slim fit.

Here you will find the best blouses for your figure.


O This type of figure has a larger torso and breasts and hardly any waist. The legs and arms are narrow.

Even if you might not expect it, our slim fit blouses are ideal for you. These blouses nestle around your curves without bulging. They emphasize your advantages perfectly. If you don't feel comfortable with body-hugging models, go for our Modern Fit. Avoid heavily exhibited models!

Here you can find blouses in which you feel comfortable.