Quality is a question of feeling. It is important to us that our blouses are comfortable on the skin and comfortable to wear. The composition of the substances used plays a major role here. We only use high-quality, hand-picked materials for a particularly beautiful end product


We only use high-quality cotton such as Italian Pima cotton, which is the world's softest cotton. In our tailored cuts, we use cotton with a small amount of elastane to optimize comfort. Thanks to the high quality, the blouse is still very easy to care for. Even our white blouses are guaranteed to be opaque!


As a sustainable fashion label, it is very important to us to process modern and environmentally friendly resources. Tencel, also called Lyocell, is an industrially manufactured material made from natural eucalyptus wood fibers. The material is very robust and easy to maintain. It feels silky smooth and has a slight shimmer. The natural fiber is breathable and anti-allergenic. In addition, the temperature-compensating properties are ideal for a summer collection.


The natural summer fabric is obtained from natural vegetable fibers from the stems of the flax plant. The fabric is particularly breathable and has a cooling effect on the skin. Linen is also hypoallergenic, which means that bacteria and moisture are not collected by the fibers. Linen clothing is exceptionally durable and traditionally has a slightly creased surface, which makes the look particularly sporty and casual.


The natural raw material of viscose is cellulose. The advantages of cotton and silk are combined in one fiber. During production, pulp (e.g. beech, eucalyptus or spruce) is decomposed with sodium hydroxide solution. The addition of carbon disulfide provides the basic mass and then the viscose fibers are obtained in various work steps.

Due to the natural origin of the fabric, viscose is particularly skin-friendly and breathable. The clothes sit rather loosely and nestle comfortably against the body.