Manufacturing and fairness

Fashion and sustainability?

High quality products and fair working conditions?

Timeless design instead of fast fashion?

Our products are all made of high-quality materials and finished with love and care. Every design is unique.

We love fashion, but we also love our environment. That's why we want to take responsibility and show respect for the people who make our clothes. Fair working conditions and wages are very important to us. Along the value chain of our products fair and environmentally compatible standards are adhered to.

Class instead of quantity - The ByMi family wants to bring you a piece of value with every single product. Collection after collection. Our designs are feminine and individually designed. ByMi offers you high-quality design away from mass consumption. The processing is exclusive, noble and sustainable.

For us, sustainable fashion means producing garments that are of such high quality that we can keep them for a long time. Collection for collection our motto is: 
"Be responsible and think organic."

100% European

 European craftsmanship is very important to us. For this reason, we decided to take care of the entire material procurement and manufacturing process within Europe, starting with the thread, through the fabric, to the decorative button, we source all of our materials from European manufacturers. We also attach great importance to short and efficient transport routes within the EU. We are proud that each of our high-quality blouses is manufactured and transported in an environmentally friendly manner and with low CO2 emissions. For us, sustainable fashion starts with environmentally friendly production!

Perfect fit

The special cut of our blouses was a top priority from day one. Our designs are cut a little longer than usual blouses. This prevents the blouses from sliding up uncomfortably when they are worn in a skirt or waistband. The slim cut creates a slim silhouette and flatters the figure. We have also expanded our range with a variety of cuts.

Attention to detail

There is a great love for detail in all of our designs. Warm subtleties, little nuances and lovingly placed contrasts tickle that certain something out of every model.


Button spacing

A special feature of our blouses is the reduced button spacing. This prevents the buttons from tightening in the chest area and providing unfortunate insights. In addition, the buttons are attached with a heat-set thread and can therefore not fall off easily.

2 in 1 cuff

Sustainable fashion has to be versatile. That is why we want to offer our customers as many styling options as possible and have integrated the 2 in 1 cuff into our designs. The cuff can be worn with your own cufflinks as well as with the already sewn buttons.

Easy care

Our blouses are very easy to care for. Thanks to the "Easy care" equipment, all models are very easy to iron. The blouses can be easily washed at 30-50 degrees. We recommend that you do not wash models with different coloured decorative ribbons or contrasts in a wool wash cycle, as lying in the water for a long time may cause discolouration, which you are spared with easy-care washing. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0221 29800554. Our team will be happy to help you.